#Lidar System AI | Artificial Intelligence powered Lidar System

#Ensuring reliable perception of yard truck surroundings

#Detecting both anticipated and unanticipated objects

#Backing trailer to dock precisely with centimeter-level accuracy

#Hitching trailer to truck

#Collaborative autonomy

#Point cloud for autonomous operations

#Electric Autonomous Vehicles

#Navigation within port environments

#AI algorithms | Processing and analyzing lidar data to extract relevant features and information | Recognizing and extracting specific features from point cloud data | Identifying objects | Analyzing spatial patterns and characteristics of points

#Annotation and Classification | Leveraging machine learning techniques | AI models trained on labeled datasets | Models learning to recognize objects automatically

#Object Detection and Segmentation | AI algorithms performing object detection and segmentation | Identifying individual objects | Delineating object boundaries | Autonomous driving | Detecting and tracking vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles

#Machine Learning and Training | AI models trained using labeled Lidar data | Models learned to recognize patterns, shapes, and semantic information | Predictions and classifications on new, unseen Lidar scans

#Combining Lidar technology with AI

#Automating annotation and analysis of Lidar data

#Interpretation of Lidar point clouds

#Clutter | Irrelevant, redundant, or obstructive object or feature for mapping task | Detecting and removing clutter from raw LiDAR data | Range filters to discard measurements | Semantic filters to label and remove unwanted objects based on their shape or appearance | Temporal filters to track and remove dynamic objects based on their motion | Adjusting pulse width | Grid-based method discretizes space into cells and stores occupancy or probability of each cell | Surface-based method reconstructs geometry or topology of surface from scan points

#Physical perimeter security

#2D LiDAR in perimeter security | Precise detection above or at base of fences | Field of view (FOV) | Creating different zones | Adjusting to different threat levels | Gathers size and speed of movement | Providing exact X,Y coordinates of the intrusion | Giving intelligence to security system to trigger lights, voice alerts, direct video surveillance cameras and security teams to right location

#Lowering dependence on guards

#Lidar Perimeter Volumetric protection

#Imaging vibrometry

#Target accuracy

#Measurement range

#Measurement accuracy

#Angular range

#Vibrometry sampling frequenvy

#Vibrometry max in-band velocity


#Eye safety

#Raw point clouds


#Semantic search